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Welcome to Banya - Russian Steam Bath & Spa. Would you believe that doing something good for your body AND feeling terrific can be accomplished at the same time? Well, it absolutely can and Banya is just the place for such an experience. Saunas provide excellent benefits to the human body, more than many people realize possible, as heat, warmth, and water have healing abilities.

For those individuals interested in weight loss, saunas burn calories and increase metabolism. Therefore, adding this aspect to a healthy diet and lifestyle combined with an exercise regimen can boost desired results. The bottom number in blood pressure (diastolic number) often decreases. Blood vessels are opened, thus, increasing circulation. Saunas are capable of killing viruses, strengthen the immune system, and promote relaxation of the body.

The spa sauna will be an experience to remember; one that you will want to repeat time and time again. Enjoy our steam room. The experience is wonderful, as all the pores in your body will be opened, allowing the built-up toxins in your body to be removed.

We are happy to offer a steam bath, steam saunas, wood sauna, dry sauna, and dry heat sauna. We provide a Finnish sauna which is a wet sauna and the Russian sauna which is drier. This is a matter of preference and therefore should be explored to decide which type you favor. Perhaps you will discover that you find both beneficial.

Banya-Russian Steam Bath & Spa is located in Needham, MA. We serve Cambridge, Boston, Brookline, Watertown, Newton, Sharon, Malden, Waltham and many more North and South of Boston. Individuals and groups are always welcome at our facility.


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