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Sitting in a dry heat sauna is a relaxing, invigorating experience for most. Like a mini-vacation, most people don’t realize the health benefits that are achieved in even one session.

Health Benefits of Using a Dry Heat Sauna

Because a dry heat sauna provides heat with no moisture, it creates the perfect environment for your body. You will notice an increase in your pulse rate and as your capillary vessels dilate there will be better blood flow. Physically you may notice a youthful appearance upon exiting.

Those with skin issues such as acne or psoriasis experience improvements. A dry heat sauna will kill bacteria and detoxify the body of: sulfuric acid, nickel, sodium, lead, mercury and other toxic materials from the environment.

Muscles and joints are loosened and anxiety and tension melt away. For those wanting to lose weight, three hundred calories can be burned in one twenty minute session. It increases your heart rate and speeds up your metabolism.  Those suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia experience a decrease in pain when using a dry heat sauna.

The benefits of using a dry heat sauna are great. Give your mind and body a short vacation from the real world and enjoy an experience like no other.

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