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For the ultimate in relaxation and total body pampering, visit Banya-Russian Steam Bath and Spa.  The Finnish Sauna is a wet sauna that originated in Finland and is now practiced all over the world.  Highly in demand, Finland contains saunas in many houses as well as hotels.  It has even evolved into a part of the Christmas tradition.  Cozy rooms and outdoor huts are heated to reach 70-100 degrees Celsius.  Humidity is brought up to 20% by carefully cascading water onto extremely hot rocks.  Soak in total relaxation of your muscles and your mind.  The Finnish Sauna is very beneficial in promoting good health.  The wet heat sauna removes harmful toxins from the skin.  It has other favorable results such as enabling activity of the heart to become increased and also lowers blood pressure.  Additionally, you may experience the loss of inches from your body by utilizing our steam room.  If you should become extremely overheated in our steam bath, you can cool-off with a refreshing shower or a dip in the pool.  This process of heat followed by cool water should be repeated from 2 to 4 times.  Our facility is clean, calming, and the entire staff is magnificent.  We look forward to providing you with a day of rest and renewal.  Please be warned that since the Finnish Sauna lowers blood pressure, only begin this procedure by remaining for several minutes at a time.  This is especially important if you already tend to have low blood pressure.  Pregnant women and pacemaker wearers should not make use of steam saunas.


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