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Welcome to Banya-Russian Steam Bath & Spa. Our facility provides many services which you are able to greatly benefit from. Amongst the services we provide are that of steam room, steam sauna, steam bath, spa sauna, wood sauna, dry sauna, dry heat sauna, as well as Finnish, Russian, and Turkish saunas. Results include burning calories, increasing metabolism, decreasing bottom number (diastolic number) in blood pressure, increased circulation, killing of viruses, strengthening immune system, and promoting relaxing of the body.

Jacuzzi While reaping all of the above benefits, there is a whole lot more to enjoy at Banya. We have a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool. Our guests often opt to sit in the Jacuzzi when arriving at our spa. They take advantage of the vapor jets that the Jacuzzi provides. The jets are terrific for relieving tension in the body. For those who like to like to complete laps, swim leisurely, or simply just float around, our swimming pool is always available to suit your needs and preferences. Since swimming is a beneficial form of exercise, it makes a big splash here at Banya!

After sitting in the Jacuzzi and/or taking a dip in our swimming pool, a visit to one of our saunas is the perfect wind-down. You will feel relaxed and refreshed. A bite to eat of Russian food in our snack bar along with karaoke is sure to enhance your total experience.

Banya-Russian Steam Bath & Spa is located in Needham, MA. We serve Cambridge, Boston, Brookline, Watertown, Newton, Sharon, Malden, Waltham and many more North and South of Boston. Individuals and groups are always welcome at our facility.


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