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  Russian Steam Bath & Spa in Boston offers Karoke and many other services to assist our customers in finding the perfect balance between mind, body and soul. 

  If you have never experienced the fun, exciting experience of Karaoke then you are missing out. Basically it consists of an amateur singing along to a well-known tune. The original singer of the song is removed from the track playing and words to the song on a screen or TV are high-lighted when each word should be sung.

  The Karaoke scene has swept across the nation and has become a favorite past time of many. It may take some guts to grab the microphone and sing to others but the crowd always enjoys seems to enjoy seeing new entertainment. Even those that can't sing well can have a fantastic time doing or watching a Karaoke show. 

  Some favorite songs done Karaoke style are: New York, New York, I love Rock & Roll and Summer Nights. There are many songs available and odds are you will find something familiar on the list. You don't have to know the words by heart as they will be on the screen. Just smile, hold the microphone at least three inches away from your mouth and sing your heart out. Karaoke crowds are typically very well-mannered and will clap or even give you a standing ovation if you do well.

  You only live once, take the microphone and sing your way into the hearts of the crowd. You will definitely leave with a smile on your face.

  Call Russian Sauna or stop in today to experience the ultimate, luxurious spa atmosphere. Experience from dry heat sauna, Finnish sauna and Turkish sauna to Karaoke in one place!

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