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Visit Banya-Russian Steam Bath and Spa for a truly amazing experience! The journey you will travel is nothing Russian Sauna less than incredible and simply magnificent. From the moment you step foot into our steam room, you will be on your way to a fantastic expedition of the body and mind. We offer a variety of options and treatments to both indulge and soothe your entire being.

The steam bath and steam saunas we offer to our clients are spectacular. Saunas are extremely beneficial to the human body. Upon completion of treatments are increased metabolism and circulation, mood is enhanced, and toxins are removed, leaving skin with a youthful glow. You will feel completely refreshed and renewed.

Why not try our tempting Russian sauna. Not too dry or too wet, this particular sauna provides the same amount of humidity as the everyday air that we breathe. Steam Room Water is poured over stones on the stove to achieve the moisture. Pores are opened to release toxins and purify the body. Then, clients are placed into cool pool water. This procedure is repeated several times. Halfway through, "flogging" begins. "Venik" or "Platza" (bundles of various tree branches) lash the body, promoting increased circulation. The dry sauna and dry heat sauna are also available at our establishment. They have higher temperatures and lower humidity than a wet sauna.

Come see for yourself the marvelous advantages you will gain from a visit to our steam bath and spa. For your convenience, we are situated in Needham, MA: Cambridge, Boston, Brookline, Watertown, Newton, Sharon, Malden, Waltham and many more North and South of Boston. We look forward to meeting you and guiding you on your sensational voyage of pure bliss.


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