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A Turkish bath, also known as a Hamam, is a type of steam bath that has a heavy focus on the water element as opposed to the ambient steam. The use of this type of bath dates all the way back to ancient Greek and Roman bathing processes such as public baths. In countries that used Turkish saunas during the Victorian era, especially those in Western Europe, the steam bath was seen as a way to not only clean the body but as a way to naturally and entirely relax and bring peace into the mind and body.

When you first experience a Turkish bath you are taken into a room known as a heat room or dry heat sauna that is warmed through the use of a continuously flow of hot air. This dry air allows the human body to perspire naturally and freely inside of the dry sauna. This opens the pores and helps get rid of toxins. You are then taken into an even warmer room known as the hot room. After spending time here users then splash cold water on their bodies. This way your body is properly cleansed and prepared for a massage.

After an amazing massage that refreshes and gets rid of any tension in your body followed by a soapy and bubbly bathing by a professional basin attendant, you are taken to a cooling-room that allows your body to relax and soak in moisture. To make sure you are able to experience true relaxation, all of our rooms are filled with lavender and eucalyptus scents which are known to invigorate the mind and senses.

Are you looking for a day that is full of relaxation and rejuvination? If so don’t hesitate to come to Banya - Russian Steam Bath and Spa to experience some of our great saunas. Our steam room is sure relax you from head to toe. We can ensure that you will leave feeling like a brand new person after spending time in our steam saunas.


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